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Berlin for design and architecture lovers

July 10, 2023

Bridge overlooking the Spree in Berlin

As an interior designer, I'm always evaluating my environment, looking up at the buildings, stopping to look inside interesting spots, and taking note of interesting design choices and details. Berlin may not be considered a leading design destination, but its diversity and eclectic nature offer an insightful experience for design and architecture enthusiasts. In this post, I share some of my favorite streets, shops, museums, and sights in Berlin, which are especially recommended for anyone who shares my love for design.

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Organization tips for busy parents - Part 1

May 31, 2023

Organized home cover photo

Our home is in constant need of organizing, cleaning, and maintaining. However, with two young kids, a dog, and a career, I can’t and don’t want to spend all my time and energy cleaning up. Our time is so valuable, but so is an organized home. Our space can affect our mood and energy. Here's how I found a balance that works for me, my family and my schedule.

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Berlin southwest with kids - Updated 2023

May 16, 2023

Grunewaldsee in west Berlin

We live in a quiet and green area in the southwest part of Berlin. Since moving here, two years ago, we managed to explore the area and discover some wonderful and family-friendly gems, some not so well-known. If you are traveling with kids and looking for nice and fun things to do and good places to eat and shop then you should definitely keep reading.

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So much work, so little balance

February 28, 2023

family photo

Gitanjali More, Founder of The Confused Mother, shares her wisdom regarding work-life balance - what it actually means, why are international parents, and especially mothers, struggle to achieve it, and how we can make it happen in our daily lives.

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Creatives in Berlin - Anna Mirkin

January 16, 2023

From the exhibition "A lying sun" in Berlin

Anna Mirkin is an artist and multi-disciplinary designer living and creating in Berlin. She uses two-dimensional materials and digital photography to create intricate, colorful and three-dimensional installations, which genuinely provoke the imagination. She also creates murals for hotels, businesses and restaurants, and designs costumes for dance and stage performances. Click to read more about her journey from fashion studies to exhibiting in Berlin and Israel.

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Not your average kitchen

January 02, 2023

kitchen photo

All Berliners know these long, narrow, and empty kitchen spaces, that await the new tenants who were lucky enough to find an apartment in the city. During my time here, I noticed how many people struggle with planning, purchasing and installing their kitchens, and decided to create a kitchen guide with specific information for the typical Berlin kitchen, and explain how to work with the modular Ikea kitchen systems, which remain the most accessible and affordable solution for most Berliners. To help piece all of that information together, I created three different sample kitchen drawings, which are based on the same average kitchen space, and were planned using the Ikea METOD modules.

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Rain or shine - A winter vacation in Berlin with kids

November 11, 2022

Zoo Berlin during winter

Berlin has a lot to offer families who wish to visit during winter. The true locals don't believe in bad weather, only bad clothing, and can spend a day out on the playground or the forest, even when it's extremely cold. We are not there yet, and after an hour or so we need to warm ourselves up and run inside. Luckily for us, since the winter is very long, there are many indoor activities to choose from. On this post I listed a few of our favorites.

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Creatives in Berlin - Itamar Yehiel

November 02, 2022

Maple Leaf Cycle by Itamar Yehiel

Itamar Yehiel is a self-taught artist living in Berlin. His contemporary three-dimensional embroidery pieces spoke to me immediately. They are so delicate and relatable, thought-provoking and highly sensitive, artistic, and yet could very easily fit in many different spaces. Read all about it and about his fascinating journey in this post.

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Making over our Berlin apartment

October 11, 2022

Living room after the makeover

This project started with a desperate need for a desk and became a total makeover for three rooms - the living room, the bedroom and the children's room. Before the transformation, our apartment was very ordinary and plain, but I knew that it had great potential and that with a little bit of love and care it could look and feel elevated. Read on to find out why what and how we did it.

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Weekend getaway in Wernigerode, Germany

July 07, 2022

Wernigerode old town center

All the recommendations from our weekend at Wernigerode, a small town in the Harz district in Germany. There were lots of steam trains, playgrounds, good food, and many other family-friendly spots.

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Staycation at königs Wusterhausen

September 05, 2021

Water playground at Königs Wusterhausen

In this post, I share all the details about our first vacation as a family of four, which was spent only 35 minutes from home, in the small town of Königs Wusterhausen. We looked for a change of atmosphere from our city life, greenery and lakeside views, and discovered a few wonderful gems.

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My pregnancy and birth in Berlin

June 16, 2021

My second pregnancy

It has been almost three months since I gave birth to our sweet daughter Libby, and I'm finally feeling ready to share our journey of becoming a family through relocation and Covid, along with some tips and thoughts for my fellow expats out there.

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How to find your design language

May 26, 2021

Decorative Wireframe

Moving to another country, where the official language isn't English, made me think a lot about the concept of language. That concept also relates to the language of design and forming spaces through elements, colors, shapes and textures. In this post I share my take on the subject, along with tips on how to find, utilize and communicate your personal design language.

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5 Israeli brands that ship internationally

April 08, 2021

Lighting Fixtures by Mika Barr

Many people know about Israel's beautiful beaches, great weather, warm people and amazing food, but I am here to let you in on a little secret - we also have an amazing design scene going on. Israeli designers incorporate inspirations from different places around the world with technology, craftsmanship and creative points of view. On this post you will find five Israeli designers and brands that I personally really love and that have also branched outside of Israel and ship their creations internationally.

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5 nursery mood boards

April 04, 2021

turquoise-mustard nursery mood board

Styling children's rooms and nurseries is super fun, especially because there is such an amazing variety of accessories, wallpapers and textiles to choose from. But for the same reason, it can be a bit challenging to choose a certain concept and a specific color story. In designing our own nursery I had to choose a certain style and palette, but here on my blog I could bring a few more ideas to life. I created five mood boards for nurseries and children's rooms with links to all of the products, so you could easily create a version of them in your home.

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Up close and personal

March 31, 2021

My curious son in front of a window

I am finally back, after over two years without writing! During that time I relocated from Israel to Germany, gave birth to my son Robin and his younger sister Libby. All this, along with this current pandemic, really threw me off track, and my previous Hebrew blog got left behind. On this post I share my experience during this time and a little about what's to come on this new and improved English blog. Hope you enjoy it.

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