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5 nursery mood boards

April 04, 2021

Styling our Berlin apartment is a process and we do it little by little. I love a good "before and after" picture, appreciate a good makeover reveal and enjoy a beautiful and photogenic "complete" design just like the next gal, but our personal process so far has been different. We moved here almost three years ago with six suitcases and a dog. Beforehand we sold and gave away most of our belongings and then spent the first year bouncing around from one fully furnished sublet to another (and another) with a tiny baby, aka Robin, all over the city.

After that first year we finally found a long term lease - a two bedroom apartment in Steglitz (on the south-western area of the city). We knew the tenants that lived here before us and they left us many things that they no longer needed. Still our shopping list was super long. We had no furniture, kitchenware, lighting fixtures, bed sheets or towels and basically had to start from scratch. That feeling of a clean slate was exciting for me, as a designer and a recovering shopoholic, but I knew that we had to start with covering our basics and couldn't get everything that we needed and wanted all at once.

The inspiration for the color palette

Robin is now 2.5 years old and we recently welcomed his baby sister Libby into our lives. His room which he will eventually share with Libby, is still, much like our family, is evolving. Every few months we purchase a few more items and get a little closer to the desired result. In styling his room I knew I wanted to choose gender neutral colors, avoid branded characters and images and find the right balance between a playful and a relaxed atmosphere. Because I had so much time to plan it, I had many ideas and color pallets in mind before I chose one that I felt suited him and us best.

In addition to the color story that I chose, I created for this post four additional mood boards with different color palettes, wallpaper choices and accessories for a nursery and/or children's bedroom. I'm sure that each of you can relate to at least one of those and maybe use it to create a dreamy bedroom for your little ones.

FIY - all items are available for purchase from online shops in Germany and below each mood board you can find the relevant links.

#1 - sandy beach

The first one is the one that I wound up going with. It was defined gradually, starting with two wall decor items that I found on a regular stroll around Prenzlauer Berg before we moved and a laundry basket found a few months earlier at HEMA. Then I purchased a round carpet at the Home24 outlet, where I found other great items for our new apartment. Only after seeing these four items together, I realized that the perfect color palette for this room was under my nose, waiting to be discovered. To the colorful decor items in turquoise and mustard tones I would add white or light grey furniture and incorporate a few items that are made out of wood and rattan, that fit the yellowish tones beautifully.

turquoise-mustard nursery mood board

What's in here?

Carpet | Beanbag by Nobodinoz | Wall decor - Giraffe and Lion by OYOY | Pompom Garland by OYOY | Storage / Laundry basket | Storage box by Done by Deer | Wallpaper by Room Blush

#2 - forest bloom

As you can see from the color scheme of this very website, I love the combination of green and pink. There is something very relaxing and fresh about it, it’s colorful but not too much, it could potentially grow and evolve with the kids and I perceive it as imaginative and playful. For this palette I would choose furniture in natural wooden tones that will add depth and emphasize the connection to nature.

green-pink nursery mood board

What's in here?

Round Cotton Carpet | Chair by Liewood | Toy Storage Box | Rainbow Pin Board | Cloud Mobile | Storage Bins | Wallpaper by Room Blush

#3 - grey’s anatomy

If you have kids you probably already know how much color their toys and books bring into our lives and interior spaces. Maybe some of you manage to minimize it and buy mostly minimalistic items, but personally I don’t limit our and his variety based on color or material choices. For that reason the next three mood boards are based on more neutral tones, that create space and air for the more vibrant and playful colors of the toys and the books. Because grey tones tend to create a cooler atmosphere, I like to add warmer materials and textures such as wood for the furniture as well as details, accessories and flooring.

warm grey nursery mood board

What's in here?

Bed Canopy | Mattress | Mouse Chair by Nofred | Cat Bookshelf | Laundry / Storage Basket | Bed Bumper by Sebra | Clouds Mobile by Sebra | Wallpaper by Room Blush

#4 - keep calm

This mood board is based on white items with black, grey and wooden details. Because it creates such a quiet and calming vibe, I allowed myself to suggest an animalistic wallpaper that adds character and texture to the mix without being too loud.

white nursery mood board

What's in here?

Tipi Tent by Nobodinoz | Storage Trolly by Olly Ella | Beanbag by Nobodinoz | Wooden Decor Animals | Pendant Lighting Fixture | Wallpaper by Room Blush

#5 - mother earth

I have to say that I’m very pleased to see that the warmer earthy tones made their way back into style. Using this palette we can incorporate darker and richer color choices as well as brighter and more subtle tones, alongside natural materials like wood, bamboo, rattan and canvas, while maintaining a calming effect and cohesive look.

earth tones nursery mood board

What's in here?

Round Rattan Wall Rack | Wooden Hanger by Konges Sløjd | Lion Throw Pillow by Ferm Living | Bed Bumper by Roommate | Rainbow Mobile by Cam Cam Copenhagen | Storage Basket by Cam Cam Copenhagen | Wallpaper by Room Blush